City Atlas: Sydney is a website that produces articles and interviews and shares events with the main goal of creating a guide of sustainability initiatives for Sydney city dwellers.

City Atlas is about the future of Sydney and it functions as a hub of information sharing about the solutions that organizations, individuals, and agencies are developing to make Sydney a better, more sustainable, and more resilient place. It showcases the hopes that the people in Sydney have for the future of the city. The articles and the interviews in City Atlas are usually about climate science, sustainability plans, policy proposals, technology, and education. The events shared by City Atlas have the purpose of giving people an alternative to engaging in wasteful and energy consuming activities.

City Atlas: Sydney is a project based on the model of City Atlas: New York, the first City Atlas website that launched in 2011. The City Atlas network is growing, and two other projects currently being developed are City Atlas: New Haven and City Atlas: Bejing.